Who We Are

We’re geeks. We love science fiction, fantasy, books, games, comics, movies, and fandom. We love science, data, and tech. We’re passionate about diversity and inclusion in geek spaces.

Annalee is a science fiction writer and web developer in Washington, DC. She blogs irregularly on her own site, flowerhorne.com, and is quite the chatterbox as @leeflower on twitter.

Natalie is a lifelong fan of science fiction and occasionally commits acts of poetry. She lives in Delaware with her spouse and her cat and tries to update her blog, Pretty Terrible, at least once a week. She can also be found on Twitter as @eilatan.

The Name

In sewing, the bias is the 45-degree angle off the grain of a woven fabric. Garments cut on the bias drape differently than those cut on the straight of the grain.

It’s fashionable for writers to pretend that unlike fabric, we do not have biases. But there’s no such thing as a neutral point of view. So instead of buying into the polite fiction that defending the status quo is “neutral,” we choose to be explicit about our perspective. This is a feminist blog. We’re here for women. We’re here for underrepresented voices. We’re here for intersectionality. We are queer- and trans- affirming. We want geek communities that are safe and welcoming, and fiction that imagines room for all of us.

We’re also aware that we have unconscious biases, and that good intentions don’t render us incapable of doing harm. We will do our best to consider our positions carefully so as not to contribute to the oppressive systems we’re trying to challenge. When we get it wrong, we encourage you to call us on it–but we do so understanding that it’s our responsibility to earn and maintain the trust that merits constructive criticism.


Our header image is a remixed version of “Texture – Fabric_1,” by flickr user jyryk58. Used here under the terms of his Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution License.