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We rely on donations and sponsorships to pay our contributors and keep the lights on. Annalee and Natalie are the only people who work on The Bias for free. We pay all other contributors.

If you find our work valuable, please help us keep doing it.

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We accept donations via paypal. Your donation will help us pay our guest writers and cover our hosting costs. The more donations we receive, the more writers we can pay.

Sponsor A Post On The Bias

Our first sponsored post came out of a conversation where a friend appreciated Annalee’s thoughts on the post’s topic enough to offer to pay her to write a post about it. Friends and colleagues have supported The Bias from its earliest concept, and we’re grateful for the encouragement, advice, and donations we’ve received to help get on our way. We plan to use the money from sponsored posts to offset our operating costs and pay folks to write for us.

We’re still working out our funding model, so our approach to sponsored posts may change. But all sponsored posts will be clearly labeled and developed in-house.

How do I sponsor a post?

You can sponsor a post with a donation of $150 or more. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post, please drop us a line using the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll contact you to work out the details.

Can I pick the topic?

Maybe. If you’ve seen Annalee or Natalie say something on social media or similar and you’d like to see them develop their thoughts on the subject into a post, you’re welcome to suggest it. Otherwise, we’ll offer you a list of topics to choose from, based on the posts we currently have in development.

Can I pick the author?

You are welcome to request either Annalee or Natalie. If you’d like to request another writer that The Bias has worked with before, please feel free to say so, and we’ll see if that works for us and the author.

You are also welcome to specify a particular perspective you’d like to hear from, such as “I’d like to sponsor a post written by a Black woman.” We’ll do our best to work with you and our talent pool on these requests.

Can I write the post I sponsor?

No. Annalee and Natalie are the only people who work on The Bias for free. Any other authors will be paid for their work. If your post isn’t something we’d buy from you, we’re not the right venue for it.

Can I pay you to review my product or service?

No. We offer sponsors a blurb and a link at the bottom of the post, but we choose the topics we’re going to write about and how we’re going to approach them.